Fragrances - our passion; both classic, known and appreciated all over the world, as well as sophisticated and extraordinary, delighting even the most demanding perfume lovers. That is why we decided to open a store for the best online perfumery.
Let's start from the beginning…

Fragrances from all over the world

Besides fragrances, our great love is travels. Each trip gave us a great opportunity to investigate the area and learn the local culture and traditions. During our journeys, we also discovered a lot of fragrances, characteristic for a given country or region, evoking unambiguous associations with a specific place. Delighted with such unusual aromas for us, we decided to introduce them to a wider audience.

And so, apart from memories, smells have become a souvenir of our journeys. We were not wrong. The diversity of notes from from light, subtle and fresh, to deep and intense delighted people who had the opportunity to try them. At that time, we were dealing with the sale of perfumes on a small scale and we did not think about development of this direction.

The way to success

So we decided to do professionally what we have been passionate about so far. As it is known the start is never easy, especially for us, because we don't want to become the ordinary online perfume store. Our ambition is to become the best internet perfumery, where both amateurs of spontaneous purchases and demanding customers of fragrances will find something for themselves. We hope that Amisell will be the place where you will be able to discover the world of perfumes step by step, at your own pace.

Women's and men's perfumes - our specialization!

Fragrances are, of course, our specialization. The women's and men's perfumes available at Amisell represent a wide range of fragrances- both already famous, and also less known and unique. For lovers of beautiful fragrances, daily there are classic, ideal offers of popular brands and niche perfumes - more sophisticated, perfect for the special, significant events.

Perfumes based on floral notes are an excellent choice for people who like delicate, sophisticated compositions, captivating with the scent of rose, violet, jasmine or lily of the valley. Fruity aromas attract with their flirty character and juicy aromas of peach, pineapple and apple. A separate group is composed of citrus perfumes with refreshing, light and energizing accords of bergamot, lime and orange.
Chypre perfumes are a proven way to stand out from the crowd. These are quite bold compositions, based on oakmoss, patchouli and bergamot, complemented by floral and fruity accords. For those looking for sensual and seductive scents, we recommend oriental perfumes, in which extracts of vanilla, musk, sandalwood and patchouli play the first fiddle. This unusual combination adds self-confidence and gives a slightly mysterious character. We cannot help mentioning the woody scents - especially intense, based on cedar and vetiver.